FoTRRIS Web Platform

European Research Project of the H2020 Programme, on Responsible Research and Innovation.

Easy-to-read Guidelines

Access to Platform

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  1. Language: to choose the language of the platform.
  2. Home: to return to the initial page.
  3. Show Projects: present the different projects that are present at the FoTRRIS co-RRI hubs. Without being logged in the platform, any user can read some information related to the projects. To collaborate in a project, a user needs to register and login into the platform.
  4. Login/Register: to register in the platform, or, for registered, to log in to access to specific projects.

More information
Guidelines: to Access of this information
General Information: description of the web platform
Official webpage of the Project: webpage of the european Project




Email and password are needed to access to the platform.


There is a form to register in the web platform. Some data is requested to fill in a small questionnaire: full name, username, email, password and optional picture.

RRI new methodology in our lifes!
All stakesholders are playing their roles in our projects!!

Susana Bautista

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