FoTRRIS Web Platform

European Research Project of the H2020 Programme, on Responsible Research and Innovation.

General Information of web Platform

General Information of web Platform

The co-RRI platform is a web based platform that fulfils several functions, utilities and services to support the co-RRI hubs. To start with, it fulfils some innovation services. It embodies a process architecture, i.e. a well-structured process consisting of various phases and supported by appropriate tools and methods, which guide the participation of innovation actors through the process of co-designing RRI project concepts. This process architecture reflects the co-RRI-concept and the web platform facilitates the process via online dialogues between participating stakeholders. It is based on accessible and transparent documentation of the intermediary and final process results. The process, consisting of both virtual/online phases and real life workshops, will support knowledge actors to gradually design, together with other stakeholders, a co-RRI project concept. The platform will also provide tools for checking the compliances to co-RRI principles along the process.

As a web service to foster Co-RRI, the web platform is meant to support stakeholders to address glocal challenges. It defines several services, to support the conceptual framework for Co-RRI. More specifically, the platform will provide:

  • Innovation services to facilitate interactions between stakeholders and to support knowledge actors to co-design RRI-projects in order to realize co-projected visions of solutions to local manifestations of global societal challenges according to RRI methods and standards by following the Co-RRI process architecture.
  • Communication and dissemination of Co-RRI activities and results.
  • Storage of lessons learnt from past RRI projects, best cases examples and data on sustainability challenges.

This co-RRI platform is based on state-of-the-art collaborative platforms reviewed in the project. The general technical prerequisites of the platform are the following:

  • Support for online communication (discuss, comment).
  • Support for online collaboration (in order to reach a common solution)
  • Providing some means of dissemination for the general public.
  • Searchable storage of past projects.

UCM-GRASIA from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain has developed the co-RRI web platform, a collaborative tool for FoTRRIS project. This platform is using for the transition experiments at each FoTRRIS co-RRI hub, by presenting the interface and functionality of the web application. The FoTRRIS Co-RRI web platform allows creating projects to work together when looking for solutions for the problems presented in the different topics addressed by each transition experiment. Following this idea, one or more projects could be created in the platform for each hub, for mapping solutions to the problem presented.